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After Delhi, accident at Mumbai Metro site . JUST TWO days after an accident at Delhi Metro that left six people dead, iron roads came crashing down at a project site of Mumbai Metro thus putting a question mark on the safety and security aspects of these projects.
A large number of iron rods that form the scaffolding to raise the pillar structure fell at a Mumbai Metro project site on Andheri-Kurla road around 10.55 pm.
No one was injured in the accident and every one safe. As the accident happened during late hours, eyewitnesses said no one was injured as there was no traffic ( road not so busy) on the otherwise busy road at Chakala.
Locals said that the huge iron rods that fells could have been fatal had the incident happened during rush hours.due to late night time everyone is safe.They also said that heavy rainfall had also lead to poor visibility in the area and adequate security measures were not taken by the Metro officials.
They also demanded that work should be stopped during the monsoon months as the chances of accidents increase during this period.
Meanwhile, the Mumbai Metro authorities said that they will investigate the reasons behind the scaffolding giving away.


Chopra and Aamir salute heroes of 26/11 attacks

VIDHU VINOD Chopra and Aamir Khan were the guests person of honour at the “26/11” Mumbai Memorial Cup (first men's state level basketball tournament) organised by the Mumbai Police to gather financial support for policemen who displayed commendable courage during the 26/11 terror attacks.successfully they collect money from tournement. In his brief speech, Chopra said, “When I was leaving home to come here, my seven year old daughter said - Please tell the policemen of Mumbai that I feel safe and secure in my home because of them. That thought echoes my sentiments and I am sure every Mumbai resident feels the same way.” He saluted the police force for valiantly ensuring the safety of all.

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'Baby-faced' Mumbai gunman retracts confession in latest twist to terror trial.

The strange court case of the man alleged to be the sole Mumbai terrorist to be caught alive during last year’s attacks on the city took yet another bizarre turn today when he retracted his confession and claimed to be a film star.

When the case began in April Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, 21, claimed to be a child. He pleaded innocent and accused the police of beating a confession out of him.

Then, taking his own lawyer by surprise in July, the Pakistani national confessed to being part of the most terrorist atrocity since 9/11. He said that he was “ready to hang”.